Quarantine life.

While the UK is on lockdown, we've all got to try to keep busy and think positive. For some people it's a lot easier said than done. My experience so far has been up and down, working in a supermarket I'm classed as a key worker and the night BoJo announced we were going into lockdown I remember watching at the till on BBC iplayer, thinking from now on everything is gonna go to shit.

Next morning, oh how right I was.
It was the worst day I've ever had at work, shelves being completely emptied, customers complaining we didn't have anything. People started grabbing things out of our hands as we were putting it out, massive queues and customers having the cheek to call us cu*** and lazy ba******. 
Never knew how selfish and rude people could be.
Over the next week or two, everyone worked double time, we started our shifts earlier and finished later, for a full week I went home and feel asleep on the sofa every night, knackered. When it started to ease off management suggested people may want to take a holiday, so other people don't lose hours, my hands went straight up. 
I was mentally and physically exhausted.

Me and the girls started to plan things that we could do together via Facetime.
What we've done so far is:

  • Bongo's Bingo!
    The guy's who organises it starts a live stream via Twitch, so we all had the stream on our laptops ready to play along with a glass of alcohol. They made it so easy  to play along, basing your numbers off our phone numbers for example.
    79, 34, 67. 09, 73, 92 - not my phone number. 
    If you won you had to text them via Whatsapp, they'd ask you a question and you could win actual prizes, the closet we came to winning was three numbers, I never win anything haha. 

  • Virtual Pub Quiz
    Literally what it says it is, a guy called Jay hosts the quiz on his own and there are 4 rounds every time, our first one we scored 24/50 with 3 of us playing so not too bad. Other nights he dedicates a quiz to specialist subjects, so far he's done a Disney and Harry Potter one. Every Saturday he does a charity quiz where you can donate if you want to. Much like Bongo's Bingo we had the quiz set up on our laptops.

  • Spa date!
    For Hollie's birthday we had an actual spa day booked in at Bannatynes, understandably they closed the spa due to the virus, so we decided to have our very own spa date at home. Nadia made us all an isolation survival gift bag with a load of goodies inside, one being a face mask so there we all are sat on Facetime with our hairs up, in a dressing gown and with our face masks on. Jo put some relaxing music on in the back ground for us to hear and it was such an amazing time together. I think we were on together for about 3 or 4 hours just catching up with everything and playing games with filters.
    Now we just need to re-book the day again whenever the spa does re-open.


  • Brunch date!  (May have seen already if you follow me on Instagram),
    Since we still can't go out we made our very own little virtual brunch date. We all cooked up our favourite brunches, considering I don't cook at all I'm pretty proud of myself. I set the scene up outside, both of my neighbours coming out to see and ask what I was doing aha. At first we tried our set-up in our gardens but it was far too windy so we had to move indoor. For the first time in ages it felt to nice to get all dressed up even though we weren't actually going any where we were still together.
  • Brazil Quiz!
    With doing the virtual quiz, we decided to make our own quizzes. Last night Jo kicked us of on our own chosen subject and Jo's was Brazil, made of 21 questions. I didn't think I'd know a lot but I won with 10 points, so when this is over Jo's going to buy me a Caipirinha. The rest of us will be doing our quizzes over the next few nights, I'm doing Harry Potter, Hollie is doing Disney and Nadia is doing food and drink.

    As well as our upcoming quizzes we also have planned an afternoon tea for this Sunday coming, I'll be braving the shops tomorrow for some bits and bobs.
    How have you found quarantine, what have you been doing?


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and those look like such fun ways to pass the time! ♡

  2. Aww sounds like you're trying to make the most of quarantine. I need to get on these pub quizzes. And love the idea of a spa date and a brunch date! We've been doing some video calls with family, a few over Easter, and it's been nice to see everyone that way.

    1. Every day counts, we're all in a completely new situation. Quizzes are such a great way to pass the time. Aww that's lovely, most of my family don't know how to even work facetime aha.

  3. People are getting creative nowadays on how to entertain themselves during quarantine! I've always wanted to join those virtual games and quizzes where you can actually stream and see your playmates but I don't know where to find one! Lol! I remember seeing this instagram radio show called "Quarantine Radio" by Tory Lanez, a lot of people are participaring in it. Seems interesting.

    Thanks for sharing these Michelle!

    Keep safe💕

    Ann | www.annchoi.me

    1. Facebook! That's where we found all of ours :) Ooh I haven't heard of that before, I'll look into it, thanks!

      You too,

  4. Oh, I hope things are a bit better in the shops now? Some people are so selfish aren't they?! We have been told to hid our NHS ID badges because people were trying to steal them to get the 'benefits', absolute low lifes!
    Anyway sounds like you have had a lot of fun doing the virtual quizzes. Love the idea of doing bongo's bingo like that too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. They are thankfully! No way that's so awful anyone could even think of doing that. We have you should try it, it's a lot of fun!

  5. You are doing such an important job, thank you for all your hard work. I hope things are starting to get better in the supermarkets and customers are being nicer to staff and to each other. Also, I absolutely love how many fun virtual things you are doing with friends! It's my birthday tomorrow and a home spa day sounds so amazing. Thank you for the inspiration and hope you have a lovely weekend! <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that, they're getting better now. Hope you had a lovely birthday :) xx

  6. I'm so glad you took a break! I can't believe how nasty people were to you at work! That makes me so mad! You're putting your health on the line for customers! I'm so so sorry they said and acted that way. I hope people have calmed down now. Some people just can't handle stress in any way and take it out on other people. So rude!

    I loved that you found so many fun things to do with friends over video! It's actually so inspiring! My friends have been so busy that it's hard to get a text from them, so I wish we could do something as creative as a spa day over video! I'll have do either do that with friends or my sisters. Thank you for the brilliant ideas and I hope your break was lovely! (It sure sounds like it was!)

    Emily | www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. It was much needed, thank you! Exactly some people are just plain awful.
      It was a joint effort coming up with ideas, aww fab let me know how it goes if you do!