Prague - Czech Republic.
6th - 9th of March. 

Hotel - Le Petit Hotel, we went self catering.
Like Krakow, we got an Uber to our hotel took around 20 minutes max, when we pulled up there was a large group of Scottish men checking in in-front of us, me and Cam just looked at each other hoping to god we weren't next to them. 
 The hotel it's self is described as a budget hotel so we didn't expect too much. On our way up to the room, I was surprised how modern the inside interior was. Opening our room door it was possibly the most basic room I've ever stayed in, such a tiny tiny room!

They weren't wrong in calling it the Le Petit.

 Two single beds, a bench and an en-suite, the en-suite stunk of tobacco smoke, shower was broke
 and sink was tiny too. The bedroom blind broke, no table in the middle or plugs near enough to the bed.
Remember the group of Scot's? One of them just walked straight into our room using their key card, there was no phone in room to ring reception so we barricaded our door with our suitcases as you do.
Next morning we asked to change rooms as we didn't feel safe enough, so they moved us to a SMALLER room with a double bed, massive window without a blind, hello Czech people seeing me in the noddy!
This is the first time I've ever felt the need to complain about accommodation.


Unlike Krakow, we didn't do any group trips we discovered everything on our own.

Prague Astronomical Clock:
When walking towards the Old Town, you can see there's something special ahead as the place is so busy! Looking at the clock another tourist asked if we knew why it was so special? Not a clue mate. So later at our room we googled, it's the third oldest working clock in the world, founded in 1410. It truly is a beautiful piece of work if you're lucky enough to get a closer look at it.

Literally, a few minutes walk along from the clock just off the main square, it cost around £5 each. Inside it is quite small compared to others I have been in, but it's still really good! There is a lot of stairs but there is a lift just in case. When we went in March it wasn't really that busy so we had plenty of time to take pictures and didn't have to wait long for others to move on.


The Sex Machine Museum:
Exactly what it says. 
A plethora of sex toys and machines, for around £6-7 you get a real eye opener to how perverse and inventive people can be, throughout history and today. Walking around you can see everyone giggling and pointing at things, to be honest I found this far better than the sex museum in Amsterdam, there was a queue to get in but we didn't wait that long.

This was the busiest attraction we went to we waited around 20 minutes to get our tickets at the machine, the staff there aren't really helpful you just stand waiting for something to happen. Whilst we were waiting to purchase the tickets I looked at reviews, saying if you stay longer than you should you can be fined, for this reason we paid for an hours ticket. We heard you can see some lovely views going up the hill on the tram, but we didn't get the opportunity due to over cramming. When we got out of the tram you could explore around, we went straight to the tower. 
Looking at how many steps there was I passed on going up.
We walked around for a bit taking in the views, there was a chapel and a family maze to entertain for a bit as well as a cafe. 

Whilst walking the tower ground we seen a footpath that led to Prague Castle, we followed that in doing so we passed Strahov Monastery, we didn't go in but wow. It had the most amazing views of the city. 

My cousin recommended that we check this attraction out, a few people were there but they were just popping their heads in looking at it rather than go down the stairs. It is a quirky place with traffic lights on and a restaurant at the other end, seeing this literally takes around a few minutes.

Our next stop was the John Lennon Memorial Wall.
 If you're like me and think it's complete random without knowing the context behind why its there, it's because an artist drew a portrait of Lennon and some song lyrics following his assassination on a wall that previously had freedom poems and messages on against the Czech regime. 
When we went there was quite a few people waiting and jumping in for photo's I think it took about 5 - 10 minutes for me to grow some balls and jump in.

The Charles Bridge:
Super super busy any time we went, it crosses the Vltava river connecting Prague Castle to the Old Town. Plenty of people are taking photos so just be wary of people stopping still right in front of you.


Prague is so cheap for shopping! A|X Praha Palladium was the main the shopping centre housing from designer shops to supermarkets. Going through the old town towards Wenceslas Square, it looks like your average high street with brands such as Pandora, Zara, Marks & Spencers. One shop I've never came across before New Yorker such an amazing store, so cheap and massive sales.

Two places worth mentioning is The Hard Rock Cafe, the burgers oh my so bloody good and the cocktails even better!
Pizza Coloseum, honest to god this was better than the food I had in Rome! The staff are so friendly and the view we had looking on to Wenceslas Sqaure was amazing, the price was pretty cheap too!

And now I've saved the best till last.

There are two cafe's across the street from each other around five minutes from The Charles Bridge and hand on heart it is the best hot chocolate I've ever had. I seen a video on Facebook about the cafe and just knew I had to go, they do different kinds of hot chocolate, I even bought some to take home with me. 
We had one every day we were there, twice a day sometimes, no joke. 
If you ever go to Prague please go here.


  1. Such a shame about your accommodation! Prague itself sounds really lovely though - I've wanted to visit for a while. That hot chocolate looks amazing! x

    1. It was really was! You should definitely go it's was quite cheap for the holiday too. It was the best I've ever had! x

  2. Aww warms my heart to see blog posts about Prague! Sorry your hotel wasn't so great but glad you had some enjoyable moments in the city. I can't believe we never made it up to Petrin Tower in our year in Prague. Definitely something to go back for!

    1. I did thank you it's such a beautiful city, I hope you get to go back one day!

  3. Thanks for sharing us your trip to Prague! It seemed like you enjoyed it very much. Shame on the accomodation though. Nevertheless I hope one day I can visit there too!💕

    Ann |

    1. I did enjoy it thank you! I know you can't always win, with accommodation, fingers crossed you can!

  4. This is unlike any other travel post I have ever read. Very unique. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  5. Prague has always been in my bucket list! It's one of those fairytale countries I want to visit someday. You're so lucky! <3

    Stay safe! :)


    1. Being there really does feel like you're in a fairy tale, hope you get to go one day :)

      You too! x

  6. I've never been to Prague but for sure would love to see it one day. Need to add it to my travel list after the pandemic ends!

  7. always wanted to go here ! hopefully one day i can looks amazing

  8. Beautiful photographs and what good food ahah

  9. Wow, amazing! :)
    I loved the photos and what you said about the places.
    Traveling is so good, I hope we can get to know amazing places like this soon and safely.

    1. Thank you, same I can't wait to get away.

  10. I really like the honesty of your review - Prague is somewhere I've always wanted to go and this has definitely inspired me to take a trip once this is done with!

    // xx

    1. Thank you, it was mine too. I think Austria is where I want to go next.

  11. How many beautiful pictures you've shared! I really want to visit Prague after all of this so thank you so much por sharing your point of view. Have a great day! xx


    1. Aww thank you, you're welcome. Thanks for reading :) xx

  12. Dissapointing accomodation is such a pity...
    I'm looking forward to travelling again!
    have a great week,

    1. It really was, same! Thanks you too :)

  13. Nice blog after seeing this I am thinking for plan a tour to PRAGUE and you clicked so nice pics