Miracle on 34th Street

A side from The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street has to be my favourite Christmas film, so when Hollie messaged the group chat with an outside screening of the film I couldn't say no plus, Joanne has never seen it!

We headed into town early to have a look at the Christmas Market which in my opinion is pretty shit this year and half the stalls were closed, we slow walked to Times Square. Took a cheeky detour in to Hampton's for a drink so we weren't super early, none of the cocktails spoke to me, so I went with a trusty gin.

As we headed down there a few people were waiting in the queue already, we scoped out the place for food as we held off at the market in case there was something we liked here and there was. We bought cheese burgers with some halloumi fries, as well as a tub of popcorn, a brownie and a deluxe hot chocolate.
We bought VIP seats which gave us a fire pit and free marshmallows to toast, whilst we waiting for our food, they were handing out the marshmallows so I scooted back to our seats, another party on our table had already received theirs and we didn't so I asked the box office if the jar was meant for the whole table and it was, however they offered us a jar to ourselves.
Don't ask don't get as my mam always says.

It really was such a lovely night, I'd recommend it everyone, hopefully it's back next year. 
If you do go wrap up warm I mean I had 5 layers on and I was still cold, the worst was my toes I could hardly feel them, we mentioned taking blankets but for some reason neither of us did. Pillows too, if you can take some you're sat on a cold wooden bench and when you get up you feel as if you've wet yourself, luckily someone noticed the seats not taken at the front had pillows so we all nabbed one.

Once it was finished we practically ran to the metro for warmth, I messaged Ryan to say get the heating on ready for my coming home. 

With it being close to Christmas we think about what we are grateful for and I'm grateful for these two beauties. They're always there, they make me laugh, cry with laughing and there's never a dull moment.
Joanne (black beanie) is my full cousin and Hollie is Joanne's cousin, but recently we found out Hollie is related to Joanne on both sides of the family meaning I'm also related to Hollie. There's a saying:
 "you can choose your friends but not your family,
 I'm so lucky my friends are my family.

This will be my last post until after Christmas as I'm working pretty much every day and still have so much to do.

So I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and Santa is kind to you, I can't wait to hear how your Christmas were.

Merry Christmas Everyone xoxo


  1. This looks so cosy and cute! Will never turn down a roasted marshmallow :) I also don't know if I've ever seen Miracle on 34th Street in full. I've seen bits of it on TV but it's about time I sit down and watch it properly. Hope you had a great Christmas!

    1. It really was! Such a great heart warming film. I had a fab one hope you did too!