Festive fun

I love Christmas, with it being mine and Ryan's first Christmas together in our own home last year I was itching to get my Christmas tree up soon as, no shame what so ever. This year I decided to put it up a little later as, as much as I love Christmas Ryan is literally The Grinch, he hates it, one of the girls he works with messaged me saying he was turning all the Christmas songs off ahaha. 
So I'm so lucky that my girls love Christmas as much as me.

This weekend passed was one I had been looking forward to for a while.

Friday night...
Games night at Jo's.

Me, Nadia & Hollie went to Asda before hand to get some nibbles and mixers then headed to Jo's.

First we played Social Bingo which is so good, I'd never heard of it until that night, it was so fun you pick up a card with a statement on such as 'my last post on Instagram had the #love' you have to then find evidence. Me and Hollie waited ages for one until we realised neither of us could win as the only thing we hadn't came across was the dating one and both being in committed relationships, neither of us had any dating apps on our phone.

The ultimate board game of all board games, we played Scrabble with a twist we had to place down rude words it was so hard, I had so many seven letter words but couldn't put them down as they weren't rude. After all the letters had been chosen we tipped the board and collective placed rude words.
Anyone easily offended don't look at the photo below.

Who am I? Was your classic guess who am I? Obviously aha, didn't play it for long we threw it in as it was a Christmas edition.

Next we played What do you meme? Pretty much like Cards against Humanity if you've ever played it, except it's a meme you pick and everyone has to match a phrase that best suits it.

It was during this game I re-realised I have a shit sense of humour and I'm not as funny as I think I am, at least I make myself laugh, right? 

Then we played Cards Against Humanity which reinforced the previous statement.

Comes to Midnight, all of us stuffed with food, nearly two bottles of Gin and a bottle of Bacardi gone we called it a night.

Lidl Christmas Partyyyyyy!

Luckily waking up at 7.30am for an 8am shift I was pretty much hangover free except a little niggle headache and thankfully I live just down the road from where I work.
7 and a half hours later, with an early finish I head home to get my party face on, as it was our Christmas party, a tribute night at the Lancastrian Suite.
Chilling in my birthday suit after the shower, watching Jane the Virgin I was like crap it's 5 o'clock, thankfully I was ready in time although I didn't manage to get the usual 50 selfies beforehand.

Our work Christmas party was like every other, too much to drink extremely bad cheesy dancing and a million photos later. When it ended a few of us headed to town, then went our separate ways I met a couple of friends who were already in town. I messaged Ryan asking if he was still awake to come and pick me up as I was tired & freezing. Ryan picked me up a new car he'd just bought complete surprise, brought me a blanket, put the heating and took me to McDonalds. 
He's a keeper and all mine ladies.

Sunday Funday...
Christmas Market & film day at Hollies.

Jo picked me and Hollie up at half 10 don't know how I managed it, I had a much bigger niggle this time. We headed to the North Shields Victorian Christmas Market which I loved there was so much variety in stalls compared to the main one in town which mainly sells cheese. 

After a walk round we bought a few things and headed for food, one vendor we saw was Hadrian Pizza's we tried a Festive Special and oh my days it was special.

Once we were done with the market we went back to Hollies for Christmas films and hot chocolate. It was the perfect way to end the day. 
We bought matching pj's and cups which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram.

How cute are we man? 
First we watched Love Actually, one of the best films there is and if you disagree you deserve coal in your stocking. Then the Nativity such a good film, me and Hollie kept falling asleep during it Joanne took photographic evidence so we couldn't deny it. 
Lastly we watched Let it Snow, on Netflix? Starts off slow but its a cute one for the holiday.

13 days to go and I haven't even got all my shopping done, wish me luck!


  1. Love all the festive fun! Those Elfie Selfie shirts are too cute. And I'm a big fan of Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme - love party board games like that. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, those games and alcohol always make a good night.
      Happy Christmas!

  2. This sounds like it was soooo much fun! Lots of fun days with friends and your man. I loved the spin you put on Scrabble! That's hilarious and so amazing! Your post has definitely gotten me into the holiday spirit, just by reading it :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe it's only a few days away now!!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Aww I'm glad! It was hilarious doing it all.
      Hope you had a great Christmas