Ghetto Golf.

If you live in Newcastle, Liverpool or Birmingham you may have heard or been to Ghetto Golf.

An adult only indoor mini golf with 18 holes all decorated differently
 surrounded by amazing graffiti and art.

A round of golf is expected to take roughly 60-90 minutes, some times longer if there is a big party in front of you. You are required to arrive 30 minutes before your selected time slot, if booked online. It's much safer to book online as if you just turn up you could be waiting a while.

The first time I went was for my cousin Joanne's birthday.

When you arrive you receive a buzzer, if it starts to vibrate and flash it means that it's your time to play golf whilst we were waiting for that to go off, we had some drinks.
They have a specialised drinks menu with golf associated titles as well as the usual alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. We had a few cocktails but none stood out to me, so I went with the closest to a Pina Colada my safety net.

Our buzzer went off so we headed to the start collecting our clubs and balls, you also receive a score card, if you haven't finished your drinks you can take them with you, there are tables for you leave your drink on whilst playing. 

As you can see it's such an instagrammble place.
After we had completed the course we had some food.
 Apocalypse Cow, a food vendor who specialises in BBQ street food such as burgers, loaded fries and twisted tapas. There are vegetarian dishes available to, you can have food before the course of after it's your choice, we chose after. I had some Cheese & Bacon Burger Fries, fries covered in cheese small pieces of bacon with chunks of burgers mixed in as well as sharing some Lasagne Bites.
 Both were incredible.

Photos @ Ghetto Golf.

If you're looking for something different to do, you should definitely try here. Perfect for date night, a celebration or party, they do offer party packages corporate or not.

If you're visiting Newcastle, it's about 15-20 minutes from the city centre, there are buses that stop outside. If driving you can park outside but there is a limited amount of time that is free, after that you have to pay.

For £10 a person you really can't go wrong, entertainment wise and food & drink wise.


  1. Looks like a fun spot! It's about time they make glow in the dark mini-golf for adults too. Love all the colours - though the toilet one would probably freak me out a little bit. Also not so sure the name "Ghetto Golf" is the most appropriate thing, but it definitely looks like a fun spot.

    1. It really is! I freaked me out at first too, I was does anyone have a tissue? A few of us have said that about the name, but I don't think there's been any backlash from it so far.

  2. This looks amazing! I wish we had one in Sheffield

    1. You never know they may start a one there, the more popular it becomes :)