Drive-in Cinema.

Watching American films old and new, seeing they have Drive-in cinemas I've always been in awe and wished we had them over in the UK.
 Over the past few years they've popped up more and more, finally there was a local one we could do. WhatsApp group at the ready, me and the girls decided on either Bohemian Rhapsody or The Greatest Showman.
The VIP for The Greatest Showman was sold out so we went for Bohemian Rhapsody, me my best friend Cam and cousin Joanne went.
 The Drive in Cinema, was set up in Bent's Park, South Shields right opposite the seafront, you could pay £29 for a standard spot or £35 for a VIP spot.

We went to Asda before hand to pick up some chocolate and popcorn, then headed to Bents park, it was an actual park we drove around the park paths passed parked benches too, the gates opened at 4.45pm and they closed at 6.15pm. They parked us up right at the front with no one in front of us, we still had around an hour before the film started so we had a walked down to the beachfront amusements, hammering the 2p machines, then I gave Joanne a 20p and she won 250 tickets.

We walked back to the car and went to the food trucks, there was one selling chips and burgers and another selling waffles and crepes, Cam bought curly fries with nachos cheese she said they didn't go well together, I bought an Oreo bubble waffle which tasted amazing, if you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen it.

All week we had wondered how the cinema was going to work like how would we hear it, would we have the windows down? They gave us a leaflet saying you had to manually tune into the radio to hear it, so simple and clever. Walking back to the car we seen there was now cars in front of us I was a little pee'd off thinking they'd be in the way but they actually weren't. We got out our blankets and scran ready then Jo went for a hot chocolate nearly missing the beginning.

All three of us have seen the film before, it's such a great film, we turned the car engine on every so often to warm us up as well as our blankets keeping us toasty, about half way through me and Cam swapped its so much better sitting in the front, compared to the back. For me to get a good view I had to sit right down and bend my knees up on to the back of the front chair, it was killing my neck and Cam's back. I honestly don't know how it would've been with 4 of us in the car. 
I'd definitely go again VIP but only if I sat in the front all of the time aha, the drive in is open until the 17th of November, they are doing it again in February so I can't wait to see what films are coming next. 


  1. This sounds amazing! I have always wanted to go to a Drive Thru cinema, like you said there are not many in the UK. Every time I watch Grease I just get jealous of the Drive In Cinema! Sounds like you had a lovely time, minus the awkward seating in the car!

    1. Exactly just like Grease! A shame it was bloody baltic when we went aha