My first baby shower.

This weekend I've finally been to my first baby shower!
In the past I have been invited to two showers, my niece came earlier than expected and then my god daughter's aunt passed so understandably hers was cancelled. 

My family, the Fudge family yes we're called Fudge aha, every time my uncle goes into a fudge shop he shows his ID and gets a discount every time, no word of a lie.
My grandma has only one grandson Steven, the one to carry on our family name all the pressure lies on him and his spermicles to produce a baby boy, so the Fudge name can carry on for one more generation and guess what Steven and his partner Lauren are having ….


We walked in sat in our little corner of the room whilst my uncle got a round in, for 11 drinks in a rugby club house was around £45 so cheap!
We were introduced to Lauren and her family as we'd never met before, then had a gander at the décor, such a beautiful layout, Joanne seen a flower wall and was happy as Larry.

Red velvet cupcakes guys, my absolute fav!

Once we all had our drinks and a bit of food, all the husbands and boyfriends went to the bar next door to watch the football and left us women to play the games.

We played:
Wrap a diaper? - Two people from your group had to make a nappy on someone out of toilet paper.
 Baby bingo - Bingo but instead of numbers there was things to do with babies, like nappies, blanket etc.
What's in your purse? - It gave you a list of items and for every item you had you received a certain amount of points.
Baby Name Race - A-Z list of names I thought I was writing them pretty fast but Joanne beat me to it, was like she must have cheated aha.
Floating Baby? - Can't think of what you would call this, you had a glass of water and in that were two ice cubes with a tiny baby inside, and the first ones to float to the top, you had to shout my waters have broke. My cousin Kelly then put the ice cubes in her hands and rubbed them together fast cheating her way to winning a bottle of Prosecco.

It really was such a lovely family day meeting the two new additions to our family, they've picked the name Archie Eric Fudge so far. I don't know if they've decided on that 100% or not, I can't wait to meet the little fella, the first baby boy in our family for 35 years pretty amazing.

Now, I'm so bloody broody!
Who knows hopefully we'll have another baby shower soon, little baby Charlton?
We'll see 😂


  1. This sounds like such a dreamy day! Congrats on your first baby shower :) I had never been to one until it was my own! It was very strange Haha. It looks so beautiful, that flower wall is serious #Goals! And what a beautiful name they have chosen!

    Jordanne ||

    1. It really was perfect, thank you! Bet yours was a beautiful day too.

  2. What a fun first baby shower! That flower wall was so beautiful! And the whole set up was lovely! Most of the baby showers I've been to have been pretty low-key, so to me, this one was so fancy! And the food looked soo yummy! And I loved the baby's name. Adorable! I hope all of the other baby showers you go to can live up to this one!

    Emily |

    1. It was lovely wasn't it, the cakes were delicious. I hope so too!