Marmaris - Turkey.
22nd September - 2nd October 2019.

Do you ever feel depressed when you come back off holiday? I genuinely feel like that's a thing, all I've done is ate crap and slept since I got back, no energy at all, wish I was still away. It was the first one where I actually wanted to stay longer.

I love love Turkey, this was the 5th time I've been. Since this was booked I've been excited not only as it was the first beach holiday in 2 years but it was the first time away with the future in-laws. I was a bit apprehensive as I was like are we going to spend all of our time with them, will I get sick of them? Are me and Ryan going to have our own time? And we were pretty much with them all the time and I loved it. With Ryan's parents still together and mine divorced it felt like a proper little family unit it was so nice.

How happy is this face man!

We got to the airport and I was so nervous that we wouldn't get away as we had booked our flights with Thomas Cook, luckily we booked everything separately so if anything did happen we'd just have to sort new flights, it was a night time flight so I thought last minute something will happen. But,
we checked in, boarded the plane and took off we were all relived. 
Next morning I woke up with loads of messages saying how lucky I was as my plane was the last flight out of Newcastle, as Thomas Cook had went into administration, so awful. 
We didn't panic about getting home, we thought just carry on like normal until closer to the time we go home.

Day 1.
We booked all of our trips/excursions for the next 10 days through Marmaris Travel Centre, Ryan's parents booked with them the year before and said they were good. For the rest of the day we walked about having a look in shops, we've all been before separately so we knew where we were. Ryan and Charlie (Ryan's dad) went for a proper Turkish hair cut but they chickened out of getting their noses done.
 Our accommodation was brilliant, albeit it wasn't a 5* but it was perfect for us, the in-laws had been multiple times before, so they knew all the staff and honestly that's makes the holiday even better they couldn't do enough for you. Our room had 2 single beds that we pushed together, a lovely balcony over seeing the pool. 
We ate our tea at the hotel and it was beautiful a lovely Korma, I can't handle spice at all and for pud was a pancake with ice cream.
Me and Nicola (Ryan's mam) decided for the duration of our holiday we'd make our way through the cocktail menu, 241 how could we not!

Day 2.
We went quad biking, I done this in Egypt years ago and all I remember is being that shit I got put into the slow group. 
Today I'm proud to say I'm still shit at it aha! The transfer took us to a field not that far from Marmaris, you could see a big track all laid out, we heard what we had to do then had a practice lap. I wasn't keen at all, every time I went too fast I kept crashing into the back of Ryan then when I was going to slow the guy behind me kept shouting at me. So when we stopped I got on the back of Ryan's quad, it was so much better, felt completely at ease and safer. We went up into the hills through the back lanes and once we came back we went back onto the practice course, going down ditches filled with muddy water it was fab. Whilst waiting for our transfer we made a cute furry friend who was after Ryan's burger, on the way back to the hotel we stopped at a cliff with the most amazing view. After getting showered as the mud went everywhere, we headed out for a walk, came across a mini golf course, I came last it was inevitable I swear I took at least 20 shots on one of them. For tea we went to a bar called Cousins, we had fillet steak with garlic sauce, it was so nice.

Day 3.

Go Karting baby! Like quad biking I've only done this once before. It started to rain when it was our time to be picked up but because of the wet track we couldn't go so they re-arranged it later on in the day. The track was empty so it was great just us, on the practice lap I was ok then when we started half way round I crashed creating a new course, moving the tyres out of the way aha. 
No surprise I got lapped by everyone, unfortunately. we weren't allowed to take any photos. It continued to rain afterwards so we stayed in the hotel for a bit then headed out for tea. The last time I went to Marmaris I wanted to try Tahj Mahal, a prominent Indian restaurant on the main street and it was lovely, I ordered the Korma again no surprise there. To finish of the night we went back to the hotel and had more cocktails whilst getting photo bombed by our waiter 'cuddles'.

Day 4.
We didn't do much during the day just the typical walking around shopping, went in the pool for a bit and took a nap. Ryan waited until I got out of the shower to say we had to meet his parents in 15 mins, I had to dry my hair, put make up on and get dressed, I managed just. We had tickets to see the Talk of the Town, a famous drag show, Charlie is quite a manly man you'd never expect him to like something like this but he loves it! The show itself was ok, I think I liked it more as the guys in it are from the North East. I expected much more so I was slightly disappointed as there was no continuity between each number and perhaps I set the standard high expecting it to be like Ru Paul's Drag Race. That said I got absolutely hammered, I couldn't remember how I got home. There was a cocktail called the Bloody Mary I've been avoiding apparently, I downed it one when I got back and Nicola had to put me to bed! So it must have been a good night aha.

Day 5.
Woke up going back and forth to the toilet, room spinning my body shaking, head banging. 
Definitely, could not eat anything, could hardly drink a glass of Fanta without feeling sick, and today we were going Fishing. Feeling like shit rocking back and forth on a boat?
 Pass me the bucket!
Surprisingly though as soon as I got on the boat I was absolutely fine! I'd never felt more happy being on a boat, cold breeze in the middle of the sea, so content. I have never fished before, didn't have a clue what to do so Nicola showed, I sat for nearly 3 hours and didn't catch a sodding thing, everyone else did though! 
That night we headed to the main part of Marmaris and I seen the beautiful fountains, had to take a photo and on the other side of the fountains there was a McDonalds that sold TOFFEE SUNDAES! The UK discontinued them, gutted.

Day 6 & 7
Day 6 & 7 were days off doing nothing we slept in, went in the pool for a bit. We were supposed to see Talk of the Town again but Ryan didn't want to as he didn't enjoy it and I wasn't fussed so we gave our tickets to another couple, Charlie and Nicola still went so me and Ryan had the night to ourselves. We watched Newcastle United get hammered, shopped for some presents I finally got some Turkish Delight for myself, then we headed for some food.

Day 8.
IT's Mah Burfdayyyy!
Woke up opened my cards, had some breakfast and waited for our transfer to do parasailing. We waited nearly an hour for the bus so we decided to go down to the beachfront ourselves, £20 each to go on together. I've done it before in Kos, it was Ryan's first time and he wasn't bothered really aha, I loved every second of it. Walked around and shopped some more surprise surprise. On the night time I got changed into my best outfit and Ryan became a photographer trying to get the typical outfit pic on the balcony for the gram, didn't happen couldn't get the right photo. We walked down to the bar for tea and seen they had decorated a table with balloons and birthday banners, was so cute. Then after food the barmen brought out a cake and started to sing happy birthday in Turkish whilst bashing two bin lids together 😂 Nicola and Charlie bought me a fish bowl I couldn't drink it all so Nicola helped me, took us ages to finish it off!
Had such a lush day and night.

Day 9 & 10.
Day 9 was pretty much like day 6 & 7, we just relaxed for a while then we went Go Karting again, it was so much better this time, I felt so much more confident driving, listened to Charlie's advice from the first time and I wasn't last I was buzzing! On the night time this was our last chance to buy all of our presents, bought myself some trainers and a bag, Ryan bought more tops.

Day 10 was home time, we had a private transfer taking us to airport, all week Charlie had been looking to see what was happening we found out our flight had actually changed. Instead of flying to Newcastle we were now heading for East Midlands, once we land we had a coach waiting to drive us back up to Newcastle. When we boarded the plane it was a Thomas Cook plane which we didn't expect as our flight code was TC, when everyone was seated a cabin crew member spoke saying how they weren't getting paid and were proud to be wearing their uniform for the last time, I literally had tears in my eyes. All the passengers started a collection for the staff, they never said how much they received but you could hear the staff tearing up saying thank you, it was heart breaking. After a 4 hour flight and 4 hour coach drive we arrived back home in the freezing cold.

All in all, I had such a great time. It's the only holiday where I could've stayed longer. 
For 10 nights, self catering I only spent £600 which I think is pretty reasonable we were self catering and we had booked all of our trips and bought presents. 

So now I have Krakow, Poland to look forward to in January, I've never been before I can't wait.

Bye for now! xo


  1. I completely relate to feeling depressed when coming home from holiday, it always makes me want to book up straight away. It sounds like you had such a great time, the boat sounds fun, I love doing things like that on holiday :) also, happy belated birthday! X

    Jordanne ||

    1. Thank god it's just not me aha. I had a great time, thank you! x

  2. I definitely felt depressed coming back from my last holiday, it didn't help it was so sunny there and very grim and rainy at home! Turkey looks amazing though, it's on my list of places to visit!
    Lex |

    1. Yes! I think we've had like 2 days since I got back without rain, so horrible. It's definitely worth going.