Birthday bucket list.

Me and the girls have The Bucket List Book by Elise De Rijck, it has 500 things to do in it, so we've said we'd have a look at the things we could do together, but with our schedules we haven't been able to. 

Any how, 
as I was away for my birthday, me and my girls Joanne and Hollie celebrated it this weekend instead and it was amazing!

On Saturday we met for drinks at the new Slug and Lettuce in town, we had food and drank cocktails all night. BOTANIST BUBBLES IS THE SHIT, I can't remember what was it in except from Passoa but it was soo nice. Whilst I was there I opened my cards and present. I got a lovely Friendship bracelet from the Joma Jewellery Collection. Inside my cards I had other presents printed out, there was a Motown concert ticket and a voucher for the Victoria Tunnel also a typed up letter with a full on itentaty for the Sunday the next day.
A Bucket list day!

After Slug we headed to Revolution De Cuba which I have never been to before and I think it's quite over rated to be honest, then we went to Banyan we never had anything as we didn't like any of the cocktails but the food looked so nice so we've planned to go another time. Our last stop was The Stack, imagine a shipyard dock with containers and in the middle of the containers there's pop up bars and a music stage, it was the first time I'd been on a night time and it was so packed! Ryan picked us up around 9ish as we didn't want a late night as Jo was picking me up the morning at 10am.

Sunday Funday!
10am Jo picked me up first then Hollie and we went to The Rising Sun Country Park which is just a 5 minute drive from my house.
There we done our first four bucket list tasks;

65 - Climb a tree, yes I can't believe any of us haven't done this either.

89 - Hug a tree 

104 - Write your name on a tree

181 - Drop a mint in a bottle of cola 

Once we had completed them, we headed the Quayside Market, I've lived in Newcastle for most of my life and I have never been before it was fab, loads of food and drink stalls, cupcakes, brownies little nic naks, there's really something for everyone and with the back drop being the Tyne Bridge and Millennium Bridge it was such a lovely market. I bought cheesecakes and brownies suprise, suprise, we all had a Chicken Gyros from one of the stalls literally tasted like heaven!

Then it was time for :

145 - Pretend to be a tourist in your own city and send a postcard to someone. 

Any time I go abroad I always go into their churches but I've never been into the one in town, so we looked around Castle Keep and Newcastle Cathedral so beautiful inside.
We also hopped on to the Toon Tour bus, an open topped double decker bus that took you around the city centre, it took exactly an hour. It was really enjoyable going round and listening to facts I've never heard of before about my own city. Little bit gutted I couldn't get some good photos as it was peeing down.

We got off the bus at the Ouseburn where we needed to be for the Victoria Tunnel tour, we had some time to spare so we had a look at the farm and had a drink in The Cluny bar we finished our drinks just in time for the tour. 

There was around 12 of us on the tour, with 2 guides explaining the history of the Victoria Tunnel, I never knew it even existed. The tunnel is a subterranean waggon way that was built in 1839 and is still standing today, they took us along the tunnel explaining the history behind the tunnel, they threw in humour too so it wasn't just them talking they involved you, definitely worth doing if you're ever up Newcastle. 

After the tour it was time for our last task of the day, 

105 - Order 5 scoops of ice cream 

We definitely saved the best till last, we rocked up to Di Meo's the best ice cream in Whitley Bay we were nervous ordering it. We walked up to the counter and said 'I know this probably sound ridiculous but can we have 5 scoops with pancakes as it's in our bucketlist book' the guy just laughed and said yes, £13! but it was worth every penny!!

The glass bottle we saved for another time,
I've literally had one of the best weekends.


  1. I adore the sound of the Bucket List book! I didn't even know such a thing existed! I'm too much of a coward to actually climb a tree but I'd hug it! Haha! I'll have to look for this!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. Such a great idea isn't, I was at first aha.

  2. This is so cool - what a great idea that book is! It took me quite a long time to write my own list... I probably could've used this as a prompt! Looks like you had a lot of fun xx

    1. I did have a lot of fun thank you, when looking through the book seeing what I haven't done I'm like I haven't lived aha xx

  3. This is such a lovely concept, how special that you've decided to do it with friends!! I totally wanna do something like this with my mates now xx

    1. It's fun to do on your own but it is just so much better with friends I think more fun and more memorable xx