Barcelona, Spain.
October 2017.

I've always wanted to go to Barcelona so when I was thinking what to do for my birthday my boyfriend Ryan and I decided to look for a cheapy to Barcelona for a few days.
We booked our trip with for 3 nights and 4 days, bed & breakfast, luggage and transfers came to just under £250 each.

Once we landed, there was confusion over our transfers we were told to wait outside, 20 minutes later we were told it was the wrong place we had been waiting at. So they us sent to another part of the airport to wait a further 45 minutes to eventually to get an empty mini bus for just me and Ryan. The driver, told us places to check out whilst we were there but also warned us about transport.
The time we went happened to be the time of Catalan fighting for their independence.

We stayed at the H. TOP BCN CITY, the hotel itself was fine, you get what you pay for there. The best thing about our room was the massive walk in shower. The walls were so thin, we could hear everything, the group of gaggling girls next door, the mother shouting at her kids across the hallway and the couple having sex upstairs, thankfully we didn't spend much time in our room.
The breakfast wasn't that nice either, we had cereal and walked out.

Day 1.
Pretty much everywhere was closed due to strikes, so we decided to have a day of wondering around. Our hotel was on the diagonal street all the way down to La Sagrada Familia, unfortunately we couldn't get inside but it was still completely stunning from the outside.
On our way back to the hotel we looked for Park Guell to see how far away from it we were. Didn't look too far to walk, boy were we wrong 😂
Took us up so dodgy alleys, locals staring at us, crossed every intersection at one point we rested at a bus stop for a bit then headed up some hill. I asked a local lady and she said to follow her, when we got there it wasn't the Guadi houses but an amazing view we didn't care that it wasn't the right place. I mean look, how couldn't you?

Forgot how long we were up there just sitting looking at that view, you could sit on the edge of a cliff looking out at it.
Once we decided it was time to go we also decided on ice cream Chocolat Box

Day 2.
Now that the strike was over except from the metro, we decided to get the hop on bus to Camp Neu. 
Just wow it is impressive and massive! You go through all the memorabilia of the club, trophy rooms, you get to sit in the commentators box gives you get a sense of virtigo up there. Then you can sit in the teams seats pitch side. It was amazing. 

We spent so long in the stadium, that when we got on the next bus to the zoo they didn't allow us in as it was too close to closing time. Once again I was like its not that far to walk back, wrong again! Took us over 2 hours getting lost then on track then lost again. Eventually we decided on getting the bus back, I'm glad we did as we passed Gaudi's famous Casa Batillo. For tea we tried a place called La Piazzenza, literally one of the best pizza and pasta we've had. 

Day 3.
We got up super early and headed to the zoo, can honestly say with the exception of Edinburgh zoo it's one of the best I've been too. Sadly we couldn't see the Dolphins but the rest were amazing. 

Afterwards we got back onto the bus, had a relaxed ride around the city and stopped off at La Ramblas had a shop around. Walked around the Gothic Quarter and passed the Arc De Triomf. 

Day 4.

It was time to come home, but we had enough time to squeeze another attraction in. So since it was literally next door to us we chose to see Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau. We've passed this during the day and night it looks so beautiful on a night time. It's an old hospital, there wasn't much to do but it passed the time, the best thing was the architecture of the buildings and the stained glass windows it really was beautiful.

After here we strolled back to our hotel for our transfer this time we had no bother with it.
I love going to the Duty Free and seeing what shops the airport has but I was so disappointed with Barcelonas airport. There was hardly anything there.

I loved Barcelona and would definitely go again. 

Safe Travels! 


  1. My brother recently visited Barcelona. We do want to visit this beautiful place. Maybe some day. Love your pictures. Airport shopping is fun, I love it too hehehe:-)

    Via |

    1. It really is such a beautiful city I wish I had of stayed longer.