Isle of Wight

August 2017

For the past 2 years every summer I've spent a week volunteering with the Girls Brigade ages 7-16, in their camp holiday, my aunt is a leader and they needed another adult for the child to adult ratio. My first camp being at the Isle of Wight, living in the North it was cheaper to get trains down to London then another to Portsmouth then a ferry across from there, once we arrived there was a coach waiting for us.
 We spent a week at an outdoor residential called Kingswood, they have a few centres around the UK, which they utilise the outdoor to provide the best learning experiences for the individual and as a group.

The accommodation, dormitories was surprisingly pleasant we were housed in a huge house which had plenty of rooms with bunk beds for the children and for us adults we had our own en-suit, I was so thankful for it. My room was next to the older girls which I was happy about as I feel like I 
connected more with them, except on a night time when I was trying to get to sleep, threatening them to get my aunt if they didn't go to sleep. It worked haha. Our food was also included, breakfast, lunch and tea, no matter how fussy you are with food there was always something for someone. 

Whilst we were there our days were filled with activities, with Kingswood providing the session leaders we were there to keep an eye on our kids and to also join in the activities which ranged from the 3G swing, archery, problem solving, zip wire and team games, there was so much more than that. One day they were supposed to have a session in the swimming pool but that was broke so instead they all put swim suits on, pour a load of fairy liquid on ripped bin liners and slid down them in the pouring rain.

With being beside the sea, we couldn't not have a few activities down on the bay, Whitecliff Bay.

Another day we went to the beach the tide was in so instead the leaders took us on a nature walk called the Culver Trail and my god I was dying, I'd never felt my thighs and calves burn so badly but it was so worth it for the stunning views.

I would definitely recommend any groups, work bonding sessions or families going to Kingswood its such a great experience for all and caters to everyone's needs.

Safe travels xo.

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