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Spa day, yay!

About two weeks ago my cousin Joanne asked if I was free as with the current school holidays she has time off with being a TA, so she wanted a spa day. We found an offer on Groupon for £27.50, for a back massage and free use of their facilities including the pool, steam room and sauna.

 From my house it's only 10-15 minute drive away, Joanne picked me up with both of us sorted and messy buns in we headed off for our massage. I've never been to a Holiday Inn before, I never thought of them even having a spa, I've always had this preconception of the chain being a run down cheap motorway hotel and I was so wrong. 
With the grey and yellow decor and it's very chic and modern furniture it was a really nice hotel.

Our massage was booked at 3, so we decided to get changed and head to the pool. We hired a towel, robe and slippers for £5. The changing room itself was quite small it had 3 showers and 2 toilets, we got changed in the toilet as it was a bit crowded and I wasn't going to show my bits to everyone. 

We got our beds by the pool and we spotted the jacuzzi in the corner there was a man already in so we done the obligatory knees and feet on a lounger snap and tagged our self  on Facebook, the man in the jacuzzi was leaving so we jumped right in there after him. It was amazing apart from our eyes stinging so badly we think because of the chemicals, we stayed in for as long as we could without our eyes melting.

Next we went into the pool for a bit then tried the steam room and sauna the rooms were both quite small and we were never alone in them it's quite awkward at first but then you make conversation with others. Once we came out we still had an hour and a half till our massage so we decided to get dry and get some food as my stomach was speaking to me.

£14.45 for this and a half pint glass of coke, I feel completely robbed, a bottle of coke a one was £2.80!
It was nice though.

We just had enough time to get changed for our massage, thankfully we both got them done at the same time and it was so good, feeling my knots crack, all lotions they used were by elemis they smelled divine, it went over far too fast. 


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