Icmeler, Turkey.
June - 2014.
Yasmin and I decided we wanted to go back to Turkey but to a different part, so we chose to go to Icmeler another two friends came along, so it was our first girls holiday away.

We stayed at the Club Tokmak for 7 nights which was self catering. We shared a transfer which took around 2 hours, we were one of the last drop offs they dropped us off in the hills so we had to walk a little bit, as it was night time when we arrived we didn't really see much around us. Our rooms were quite spacious, the next day we realised we had a corner balcony so we had a good view but the hotel was quite far up hills, anyone with walking difficulties would have had a hard time. It was a family run establishment, the pool was fine although we didn't spend much time next to it as there was a massive wasps nest, next to it.

The town itself was quite small nothing much to really do except the water sports on the beach or going to the bars and restaurants. Much like Olu Deniz there was plenty of shops that sold fake tops, bags and shoes. One restuarant we liked was the Majestic Restaurant, primarily a Chinese restaurant but they served everything.  
The restaurant was on the way to the beach and was always packed day and night, we never went anywhere else for food and drinks to be honest as it was just so nice. As we were in the hills the Majestic also had a free shuttle bus pick up which we used. The waiters always remembered your face, got you up to dance when the entertainment was on. One night after the restaurant shut they showed us the night life which was one main night club, they paid for our drinks and took us home, safe to say we all had hangovers the next day. 

Trips/ Days out:
Icmeler is a neighbouring town to Marmaris its only 10 minutes aways on the bus, Marmaris is huge,  a strip full of shops, bars and restaurants. There's also a big shopping centre and a huge indoor market with hundreds of stalls, we got most of our presents from Marmaris. With only being 10 minutes away we decided to get a water taxi thinking it wouldn't take long but it took ages! We had to wait for the boat to be full before we left then we had 2 stops within Marmaris.

We heard there was an outdoor market at Turunc, thinking it would be like the one in Fethiye, we went to the bus stop and waited ages for the bus, there was a German couple waiting for the bus too so we all decided to get a taxi there. Wasn't the best decision we made as the taxi took us up into the mountains, two of the girls started to scream being afraid of heights, and there's me absolutely lovinf it. However, one wrong turn and we probably could've died, they couldn't even look out the window because we were that high. After the taxi ride from hell, the market, I was disappointed it was tiny and pretty rubbish nothing at all like Fethiye, the best thing there to buy was Turkish Delight.

Personally, I wouldn't go back to Icmeler its a place where once you've been, you've been there's nothing else to do. 

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